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Pacioli, Luca (Paciolo, Pasciolo, Patiolus, fra’ Luca, Luca di Borgo, Lucas) (ca. 1445–ca. 1514) Italian mathematician, theoretist.

Summa de arithmetica, geometrica, proportioni et proportionalita (Venezia, 1494)

Divina proportione: opera a tutti glingegni perspicaci e curiosi necessaria… (Venetiis, /Paganius Paganinus/1509)


Pagan, Blaise François, comte de Merveilles (1604–1665) French officer, military engineer.

Deß Grafen von Pagan Neuer Vestungs=Bau / Auß dem Frantzösischen in das Teutsche übersetzt / mit nothigen Anmerckungen / und vielen Kupffern vermehret. (Franfurt am Main, /Joh. Georg Drullmann/ 1684)

Les Fortifications de Monsieur le Comde de Pagan. Avec Ses Theoremes sur la Fortification. (Bruxelles, /François Peppens/ 1698)


Pain, William (ca.1730–ca. 1790) English architect, carpenter.

The builder's companion, and workman's general assistant Demonstrating, after the most easy and practical method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the plan to the ornamental finish; illustrated with a greater number of useful and familiar examples than any work of that kind hitherto published; with clear and ample instructions, annexed to each subject or number, on the same plate; being not only useful but necessary to all masons, bricklayers, plasterers, carpenters, joiners, and others concerned in the several branches of building, &c. Also, the figure, description, and use of a new-invented joint-rule, to calculated as to render easy the drawing of any figure, architrave, frize, cornice, or moulding, that can be required to any given scale. The whole correctly engraven on seventy-seven folio copper-plates, from the designs of William Pain the subjects herein chiefly consist of, I. Of foundations, walls, and their diminutions, fitness of chimneys, and proportion of light to rooms, with the due scantlings of timber to be cut for building, &c. II. Great variety of geometrical, elliptic, and polygon figures, with rules for their formation. Centering of all sorts, for groinds, brick and stone arches, &c. both circular and splay'd, also with circular sofits in a circular wall: many examples for glewing and vaneering, niches, &c. with rules for tracing the cover of curve-line roofs, piers, vases, pedestals for sun-dials, busts, &c. and their most suitable proportions. III. General directions for framing floors and partitions, truss-roofs, &c. and methods to find the length and backing of hips, strait or curve lines to any pitch, square or bevel. IV. Of stair-cases, variously constructed; the methods of working ramp and twist-rails-profils of stairs to shew the manner of setting carriages for the steps, also the framing of string-boards and rails, and likewise of fixing them. V. The five orders of architecture from Palladin, with the rule for gauging flutes and fillets on a diminish'd column, by a method extremely easy, and intirely new. VI. Doors, windows, frontispieces, chimney-pieces, cornices, mouldings, &c. truly proportion'd, in a plain and genteel taste. VII. Sacred ornaments, viz. altar-pieces, pulpits, monuments, &c. VIII. Gothic architecture, being a various collection of columns, entablatures, arches, doors, windows, chimney-pieces, and other decorations in that prevailing taste-and it may be noted of these, as of all the foregoing examples, that they are immediately adapted to workmen, and may be executed by the meanest capacity. (London, /?/ 1758; /Robert Sayer/ 1769)

The practical builder, or workman's general assistant: shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building, as The Use of the Tramel for Groins, Angle-Brackets, Niches, &c. Semi-Circular Arches on Flewing James, the preparing and making their Soffits. Rules of Carpentry; To find the Length and Backing of Hips, strait or curved; Trusses for Roofs, Domes, &c. - Trussing of Girders, Sections of Floors, &c. The Proportion of the Five Orders, in their general and particular Parts, Gluing of Columns, Stair-Cases with their ramp and twist Rails, fixing the Carriages, Newels, &c. Frontispieces, Chimney-Pieces, Ceilings, Cornices, Architraves, &c. in the newest Taste. With plans and elevations of gentlemans and farm-houses, yards, barns, &c. By William Pain, Architect and Joiner. Engraved on eighty-three plates. (London, /I. Taylor/ 1774, 1778; /John Norman/ 1792; /I. Taylor/ 1793)

The carpenter's and joiner's repository or, a new system of lines and proportions for doors, windows, chimnies, cornices & mouldings… (London, /I. Taylor/ 1778)

A supplement to The builder's golden rule: engraved on thirty-four folio copper-plates. (London, /W. Paine/ 1782)

Pain's British palladio: or, The builder's general assistant. Demonstrating, in the most easy and practical method, all the principal rules of architecture, from the ground plan to the ornamental finish. Illustrated with several new and useful designs of houses, with their plans, elevations, and sections. Also, clear and ample instructions annexed to each subject, in letter-press; with a list of prices for materials and labour, and labour only. This work will be universally useful to all carpenters, bricklayers, masons, joiners, plaisterers, and other concerned in the several branches of building, &c. comprehending the following subjects, viz. Plans, elevations, and sections of gentlemen's houses. designs for doors, chimneys, and ceilings, with their proper embellishments, in the most modern taste. A great variety of mouldings, for base and surbase architraves, imposts, friezes and cornices, with their proper ornaments, for practice, drawn to half-size: to which are added, scales for enlarging or lessening at pleasure. Also, great variety of stair-cases; shewing the practical method of executing them, in any case required, viz. groins, angle-brackets, circular flewing and winding soffits, domes, sky-lights, &c. all made plain and easy to the meanest capacity. The proportion of windows for the light to rooms. Preparing foundations; the proportion of chimneys to rooms, and sections of flews. The principal timbers properly laid out, on each plan, viz. the manner of framing the roofs, and finding the length and backing of hips, either square or bevel. Scantlings of the timbers, figured in proportion to their bearing. The method for trussing girders, scarsing plates, &c. And many other articles, particularly useful to all persons in the building profession. The whole correctly engraved on forty-two folio copper-plates, from the original designs of William and James Pain. (London, /I. and J. Taylor/ 1788)

Pain's British Palladio, or, The builder's General assistant. Demonstarting in the most easy and practical method all the principal rules of architecture from the ground plan to the ornamental finish. Illustrated with Saveral New and Useful Designs of Houses, with their Plans, Elevations and Sections… The Whole correctly Engraved on Forty-two Folio Copper-Plates from the Original Designs of William and James Pain.

The builder's golden rule, or the youth's sure guide: containing the greatest variety of ornamental and useful designs in architecture and carpentry. With the most ready practical Methods of executing the same, from the Plan to the ornamental Finish, in the most prevailing modern Taste. The whole correctly engraved, on 104 copper-plates, with a full explanation in letter-press. To which is added, an estimate of prices for materials and labour, and labour only with References to the respective Designs. (London, /H. D. Steel/ 1781; The whole correctly engraved, on 100 copper-plates, with a full explanation in letter-press. To which is added, a list of prices for materials and labour, and labour only… 1787; The whole correctly engraved, on 106 copper-plates… To which is added, An estimate of prices for materrals and labour… 1792)

The builder's pocket-treasure, or, Palladio delineated and explained… Illustrated with new and useful designs of frontispieces, chimney-pieces. &c. …and a table of scantlings …The whole neatly and correctly engraved on forty-four copper plates… (London, /W. Owen/ 1766, 1771, 1785, 1793; Boston /?/ 1794)

The practical house carpenter, or, the Youth's instructor containing a great variety of useful designs in carpentry and architecture; the five orders laid down by an entire new scale; with Frontispieces, Stair-Cases, and Mouldings at large, for Pactice, with their proper Embellishments; Plans, Elevations, and Sections for Town and Coutry Houses… (London, /W. Paine/ 1790, 1792)

A list of prices, for materials and labour only, adapted to The practical house carpenter. By William Pain. With references to the respective designs. (? 1799)


Paine, James (1717–1789) English architect.

Plans, elevations, sections, and other ornaments of the Mansion-House belonging to the corporation of Doncaster. (London, /J. Paine/ 1751)

Plans, elevations, and sections, of noblemen and gentlemen' s houses, and also of stabling, bridges, public and private, temples, and other garden buildings executed in the counties of Derby, Durham, Middlesex, Northumberland, Notthingham, and York. By James Paine, Architect, One of the Directors of the Society of Artists of Great-Britain. Part The First. Illustrated by Seventy-Four Large Folio Plates. (London, /J. Paine/ 1767, 1783)


Palissy, Bernard (ca. 1510– ca. 1589) French Huguenot potter, engineer.

Architecture, et ordonnance de la grotte rustique… (La Rochelle, /Barthélemy Berton/ 1563)


Palladio, Andrea (1508–1580) The most influential Renaissance architect, writer.

I due libri dell'architettura: nei quali, dopo un breve trattato dei cinque ordine, et di quelli avertimenti, che sono più necessarij nel fabricare; si pongono i disegni delle case private (Venetia, /Dominico de'Franceschi/ 1570)

I due primi libri dell'antichità (Venetia, /Domenico de'Franceschi/ 1570)

I quattro libri dell'architettura: ne'quali, dopo un breve trattato de'cinque ordini, & di quelli avertimenti, che sono più necessarij nel fabricare; si tratta delle case private, delle vie, de i ponti, delle piazze, de i xisti, et de'tempij (Venetia, /Domenico de'Franceschi/ 1570)

I quattro libri dell'architettura… ne'quali, dopo un breve trattato de'cinque ordini, & di quelli avertimenti, che sono piu necessarij nel fabricare; si tratta delle case private, delle vie, dei ponti, delle piazze, de i Xisti, et de'tempij (Venetia, /Carampello/ 1581, 1601)

L'antichità di Roma: raccolta brevemente da gli autori antichi, & moderni; aggiuntovi un discorso sopra li fuochi degli antichi (Roma, /Diani/ 1587)

L'architettura di Andrea Palladio, divisa in quattro libri, ne' quali, dopò un breve trattato… (Venetia, /M. A. Brogiollo/ 1642)

Architettura di Andrea Palladio Vicentino di nuovo ristampata e di figure in rame diligentemente intagliate arricchita, corretta, e accresciuta di moltissime fabbriche inedite; con le osservazioni dell' architetto N.N. e con la traduzione francese = Architecture de André Palladio de Vicence nouvellement mise au jour, corrigée, enrichie, de planches en taille douce exactement dessinées, & augmentée de quantité de bâtiments qui n'ont pointparu jus qu'ici avec les remarques de l'architecte N. N., le tout traduit de l'italien (Venezia, /Pasinelli/ 1740. 1744)

I cinque ordini di architettura, di Andrea Palladio, esposti per un'esatta istruzione di chi ama e coltiva questa bella utilissima arte… Andrea Palladio (Venezia, /Leonardo e Giammaria Fratelli Bassaglia/ 1784)

I cinque ordini di architettura, esposti per un' esatta istruzione… di Andrea Palladio (Padova, 1800)

Since the mid-17th c. editions in other languages;

Traicté des cinq Ordres d'Architecture, desquels se sont servy les Anciens, traduit du Palladio, augmenté de nouvelles inventions pour l'Art de bien bastir (Pierre Le Muet, Paris, /Mariette/ 1647)

Les quatre livres de l'architecture: dans lesquels, aprés un petit traitté des cinq ordres, avec quelquesunes des plus necessaires observations pour bien bastir, il parle de la construction des maisons particulieres, des grands chemins, des ponts, des places publiques, des xystes, des basiliques, & des temples; mis en François… d'André Palladio (Paris, /Martin/ 1650)

The first Book of Achitecture by Andrea Palladio / Translated out of italian with Appendix touching Doors and Windows, By Pr. Le Muet Architct to the French King / translated into English by Godfrey Richards. The whole illustrated with above Seventy Copper Cuts… (London, /J. Knapton, R. Knaplock, J. and B. Sprint, D. Midwinter, R. Robinson, W. and J. Innis, J. Osborne/ 1724)

The Architecture Of A. Palladio: In Four Books; Containing A short Treatise of the Five Orders, and the most necessary Observations concerning all sorts of Building ...; Now first taken from his Original Manuscript in Worcester College Library, Oxford. And Also, An Appendix, containing the Antiquities of Rome… And a Discourse of the Fires of the Ancients; Never before Translated Revis'd, Design'd, and Publish'd By Giacomo Leoni, a Venetian… With Notes and Remarks of Inigo Jones (London, /A. Ward, S. Birt, D. Browne, Ch. Davis, Th. Osborne, A. Millar/ 1742)

The first book of Andrea Palladio's Architecture: treating of the Five Orders, and what is most necessary in building… and accurately engraved by I. Ware (London, 1742)

Quattro libri dell'architettura: corrected from his original edition printed at Venice, 1581, wherein is pointed out the various mistakes and contradictions between the chapters and figur'd draughts; …To these are added, thirteen different designs for pavements, halls, lobbies, &c. …In twenty-eight copper-plates. By William Halfpenny (London, / J. Brindley, and R. Sayer/ 1751)

Fréart de Chambray, Roland , Böckler, Georg Andreas , Dieussart, Charles Philippe , Nativelle, Pierre , Hoppus, Edward , Bertotti-Scamozzi, Ottavio , Aldrich, Henry , Cerato, Domenico ...

Temanza, Tommaso: Vita di Andrea Palladio vicentino, egregio architetto: aggiuntevi in fine due scritture dello stesso Palladio finora inedite (Venezia, /Pasquali/ 1762)

Giovio, Giovanni Battista gróf: Elogio di Andrea Palladio, architetto (Venezia, 1782)

Los Cuatro Libros de Arquitectura de Andrés Paladio. Traducidos e ilustrados con notas por Don Joseph Francisco Ortiz y Sanz (Madrid, /D. Pedro Julián Pereyra/ 1797)

Rigato, Andrea: Osservazioni sopra Andrea Palladio (Padova, 1811)

Zanella, Giacomo: Vita di Andrea Palladio: con ritratto e 4 tavole in fotolitografia (Milano /Hoepli/ 1880)

Fletcher, Banister F.: Andrea Palladio, his life and works (London, /Bell/ 1902)

Heinemann, Willy: Die Villenbauten des Andrea Palladio (Berlin, /Streisand/ 1909)

Gurlitt, Cornelius: Andrea Palladio (Berlin, 1914)


Palóczy (Platzer) Antal (1849–1927) Hungarian architect.

Vignola oszloprendszerei (Bp. 1890)


Papacino d’Antoni, Alessandro Vittorio (1714–1786) Italian military engineer.

Dell'architettura militare per le Regie scuole teoriche d'artiglieria e fortificazione. Libro primo in cui si tratta della fotificazione regolare… (Torino, /nella stamperia Reale/ 1778-1782)


Pardo, Manuel (?) Spanish engineer.

Materiales de Construcción… (Madrid, /Manuel Tello/ 1885)


Pascha, Johann Georg (1628–1678) German officer.

Florilegium Fortificatorium Tripartitum Oder Kurtze, leichte, iedoch gründliche und richtige Anweisung zu der ietzigen Zeit üblichen Krieges-Bau-Kunst, und was derselben anhängig : in dreyen Theilen, Als I. Etlichen Geometrischen Handgriffen, zu nützlicher, und unverhinderlicher Ubung dieser Kunst nöthig ; II. Der Fortificirung oder Kriegs Baukunst, und was der zugehörig an ihm selber ; III. Compendiosischer Solution und Ausrechnung der rechtlinischen Triangul, beydes nach der gemeinen Art durch multipliciren und dividiren, und dann auch nur durch addiren und subtrahiren, nach des Schottischen Freyherrns Neperi gar künstlichen Canone logarithmorum, und derer an diesem Orte nützlichen gebrauche, mit angehengten unterschiedlichen, hieher gehörigen, Tabellen, und 212 Krieges-Reguln, abgehandelt. (Halla, /Christoff Myly/ 1662)


Pascoli, Lione (16741744) Italian architect, painter.

Vite De' Pittori, Scultori, Ed Architetti Perugini Scritte, E Dedicate Alla Maesta' Di Carlo Emanuel Re di Sardegna… (Roma, /Antonio de' Rossi/ 1732)


Passe, Crispijn Van De, the younger (Passeus) (1593/94?1670) Dutch painter.

Oficina Arcvlaria in Qva Svnt ad spectantia diuersa Eximia exempla ex varijs autoribus collecta Bovticqve Menvserie D'dens laquelle sont comprins les plus notable fondaments, non moins arichesse auecq des nouuelles inuentions… (Amsterdam, 1642)


Patte, Pierre (1723–1814) French architect.

Etudes d'architecture concernant les proportions… des meilleurs edifices de France et d'Italie… (Paris, 1755)

Monumens érigés en France à la gloire de Louis XV: précédés d'un Tableau du progrès des arts et des sciences sous ce règne, ainsi que d'une Description des honneurs et des monumens de gloire aux grands hommes, tant chez les anciens que chez les modernes; Et suivis d'un choix des principaux projets qui ont été proposés, pour placer la statue du roi dans les différens quartiers de Paris; Ouvrage enrichi de 57 figures gravées en taille-douce, représentant les places du roi, et autres (Paris, / Benoît Rozet/ 1767)

Mémoires sur les objets les plus importans de l'architecture: ouvrage enrichi de nombre de planches gravées en taille-douce autres (Paris, /Benoît Rozet/ 1769)

Essai sur l'architecture théatrale ou De l'ordonnance la plus avantageuse à une salle de spectacles, relativement aux principes de l'Optique & de l'Acoustique: Avec un Examen des principaux Théâtres de l'Europe, & une Analyse des écrits les plus importans sur cette matiere… (Paris, /Nicolas-Leger Moutard/ 1782)

Cours D'Architecture, Ou Traité De la Décoration, Distribution & Construction Des Bâtiments… Commencé Par feu J. F. Blondel, Architecte du Roi, & Professeur de l'Académie-Royale d'Architecture… Tome Cinquiéme (Paris, /Nicolas Desaint, Augustin Martin Lottin/ 1777)

Cours D'Architecture, Ou Traité De la Décoration, Distribution & Construction Des Bâtiments… Tome Sixiéme (Paris, /Nicolas Desaint, Augustin Martin Lottin/ 1777)


Paine, James (Payne) (17161789) English architect.

Plans… of… houses… executed in the counties of Derby, Durham, Middlesex, Northumberland, Nottingham and York (London, 1763)

Plans, elevations and sections of noblemen and gentlemen's houses and also of stabling, bridges, public and private, temples, and other garden buildings (London, 1767-1783)


Pecz Samu (18541922) Hungarian architect, writer.

Középítési szerkezettan (Bp. 1911)


Pélerin, Jean, dit Viator (ca. 1445 – before 1524) French diplomat, royal secretary, prebend.

De artificiali perspectiva… pinceaux, burins acuilles, lices, pierres, bois, metaulx, artifices (Toul, /Pierre Jacques/ 1505, 1509, 1521; Paris, /Tross/ 1861)

La perspective positive de Viator traduite de latin en françois, augmentée et illustrée par Me Estienne Martelange (La Flèche, /Georges Griveau/ 1626).

La perspective positive de Viator latine et françoise. Reveüe augmentée et réduite de grand en petit par Mathurin Jousse. (La Flèche, /Georges Griveau/ 1635)


Peña, Pedro de la (?–ca. 1660) Spanish architect.

Trattado de todo género de bóvedas… (Madrid, /J. de Torija/ 1661)


Penther, Johann Friedrich (1693–1749) German architect, writer.

Gnomonica fundamentalis et mechanica: worinnen gewiesen wird, wie man so wohl gründlich als auf mechanischer Art allerhand Sonnen-Uhren regulaire, irregulaire mit Minuten und himmlischen Zeichen auf allerhand Flächen, sie mögen gleich oder höckericht, beweglich oder unbeweglich seyn, verfertigen solle. Worzu noch eine neue Invention einer Universal-Sonnen-Uhr kommt, welche ohne Magnet-Nadel zu stellen, selbst die wahre Mitternachts Linie, und Abweichung aller Wände von denen Haupt-Plagis Mundi, wie auch Elevationem Poli bey Tage anzeiget, und zu Solvirung noch anderer Problematum diene (Augspurg, /Jeremias Wolff/, 1734; Augspurg, /Johann Georg Hertel/ 1760, 1768.)

Anleitung zur Bürgerlichen Baukunst.

1. Teil: enthaltend ein Lexicon Architectonicum oder Erklärungen der üblichsten Deutschen, Frantzösischen, Italiänischen Kunst-Wörter der Bügerlichen Bau-Kunst, nicht minder derer schweren Lateinischen Vitruvianischen zu gemeldter Bau-Kunst gehörigen Wörter (Augsburg, /Johann Andreas Pfeffel/ 1744)

2. Teil: worin durch zwantzig Beyspiele gewiesen, wie die Erfindungen von allerhand Wohn-Gebäuden aus Stein und Holtz, nach willkührlichen und nach eingeschrenckten Maasen. regulaire und irregulaire, schmale und breite, (und diese ansehnlich mit wenigen Kosten) und dann mit Risaliten und mit Flügeln raus zu bringen und Hauptrisse davon zu machen; Ferner wie die Grundrisse und Aufrisse, und zwar letztere orthographisch und perspectivisch, und die Durchschnitte entweder mit den Seiten des Gebäudes parallel oder überecks, oder perspectivisch entworffen und mit Tusche oder mit Farben deutlich und zierlich ausgearbeitet werden sollen; Zuletzt wie nach gemachten Vorrissen ein Gebäude würcklich aufzuführen sey. Alles jedoch noch ohne Säulen-Ordnungen entworffen (Augsburg, /Johann Andreas Pfeffel/ 1745)

3. Teil: Von richtiger Kennung, genauer Einsicht, leichter Zeichnung, und endlich von sicherer Anwendung der Säulen-Ordnungen, und ihrer Bey-Stücken (Augsburg, /Johann Andreas Pfeffel/ 1747)

4. Teil: worinn von publiquen weltlichen Gebäuden, als von Fürstlichen Residenz-Schlössern samt darzu gehörigen Neben-Gebäuden, bestehend in Capelle, Cantzley, Marstall, Bibliothec, Kunst-Kammer &c., von Rath-Häusern, Marckt-Plätzen, Land-Ständen-Häusern, Börsen, Wage-Häusern, Stadt-Thoren, Ehren-Pforten, Zeug-Häusern, Proviant-Häusern, Casernen, Corps-de-Garden, Pulver-Magazins, Zucht-Häusern, Opern-Häusern, Hetz-Gebäuden, Reit-Häusern und Ball-Häusern dergestalt gehandelt, daß theils von würklich ausgeführten Gebäuden gemeldete Gattungen Entwürffe und Erläuterungen mitgetheilet, teils neue Desseins davon entworffen und ihren nöthigen Eigenschaften nach durchgegangen werden, auch solchen allen eine Vorbereitung vom Ort, wo man am besten bauen kan, und von Stellung deren Gebäude nach den rechten Welt-Gegenden vorangesetzt wird (Augsburg, /Johann Andreas Pfeffel/ 1748)


Percier, Charles (1764–1838) French architect.

Recueil De Décorations Intérieures, Comprenant Tout Ce Qui A Rapport A L'Ameublement… (Paris, /Didot/ 1812)

Raccolta di decorazioni interne… Lazzari, Francesco fordítása (Venezia, 1843)


Perrault, Claude (1613–1688) French architect, mathematician, doctor, poet.

Les dix livres d'architecture de Vitruve… corrigez et traduits nouvellement en françois avec des notes & des figures Claude Perrault (Paris, /Coignard/ 1673)

Architecture generale de Vitruve… reduite en abregé, par M. Perrault. – Derniere édition enrichie de figure en cuivre (Amsterdam, /Huguetan/ 1681)

L’ordonnance des cinq especes de colonnes selon la methode des anciens (Paris, /Coignard/ 1683)

Les dix livres d'architecture: corrigez et traduits nouvellement en françois, avec des notes & des figures… De Vitruve (Paris, /Coignard/ 1684)

An abridgement of the Architecture of Vitrivius: containing a system of the whole works of that author; to which is added in this edition the etymology and derivation of the terms used in Architecture… first done in French by Monsr Perrault… and now englished, with additions (London, /Swalle and Child/ 1692)

Le cabinet des beaux arts, où recueil des plus belles estampes, gravées d'aprés les tableaux originaux, où les beaux arts sont representez, avec l'explication de ces mêmes tableaux (Paris, /Edelinck/ 1693)

Compendio dell' architettura generale di Vitruvio… opera di Mons. Perrault. Di nuovo compendiata, e ristretta nella presente trad. italiana da C. C. C. Con le figure in rame delineate, ed intagliate da Filippo Vasconi (Venezia, /Albrizzi/ 1711)

Des grossen und weltberühmten Vitruvii Architectura, in das Kurze verfasst durch Herrn Perrault… Teutsche übersetzt von M. Müller (Nürnberg, /Lochner u. Meyer/ 1757)

Compendio de los diez libros de arquitectura de Vitruvio… escrito en francés por Claudio Perrault. Traducido al castellano por Don Joseph Castañeda (Madrid, /Ramirez/ 1761)

L'architettura generale: arricchita di tavole in rame… di Vitruvio. Ridotta in compendio dal Sig. Perrault. Trad. dal francese, ed incontrata in questa edizione col testo dell'autore e col commento di Barbaro (Venezia, /Zatta/ 1794)

Les dix livres d'architecture de Vitruve… avec les notes de Perrault (Paris, 1837)


Perret, Jacques (15-16th c.) French (Savoyard) architect, mathematician.

Des fortifications et artifices Architecture et perspective de Jaques Perret gentilhomme savoysien mis en lumiere par la veuve et les deux fils de Theodore de Bry… (Paris, 1601; Francfort-sur-le-Main, /Wolfgang Richter/ 1602.)


Perronet, Jean-Rodolphe (1708–1794) French engineer, architect, writer.

Mémoire sur le Cintrement et le Décintrement des Ponts; et sur les différens mouvemens que prennent les voutes pendant leur construction (Paris, 1773)

Description des projets et de la construction des ponts de Neuilly, de Mantes, d'Orleans et autres, du projet du canal de Bourgogne pour la communication des deux mers par Dijon et de celui de la conduite des eaux de l'Yvette et de Bievre a Paris (Paris, 1782-1783, 1788)

Description des projets et de la construction des ponts de Neuilli, de Mantes, d'Orleans, de Louis XVI, etc. On y a ajouté le projet du canal de Bourgogne, pour la communication des deux mers par Dijon; et de celui de la conduite des eaux de l'Yvette et de la Bievre a Paris. Approuvée par l'Academie Royale des Sciences… Nouvelle edition. Augmentée des ponts de Château-Thierri, de Brunoi, de celui projeté pour St. Pétersbourg, etc. d'un Mémoire sur les cintres, et d'un autre sur les éboulements des terres, etc. (Paris, 1788)

Construire des ponts au XVIIIe siècle: l'oeuvre de J. R. Perronet; description des projets et de la construction des ponts de Neuilli, de Mantes, d'Orléans, de Louis XVI, etc. (Paris, 1788)

Mémoire sur la recherche des moyens que l'on pourroit employer pour construire de grandes arches de pierre de deux cents, trois cents, quatre cents & jusqu'à cinq cents pieds d'ouverture: qui Seroient destinées à franchir de profondes vallées bordées de rochers escarpés… (Paris, (Imprimerie Nationale Exécutive du Louvre/ 1793)

Perronets Werke, die Beschreibung der Entwürfe und der Bauarten der Brücken bei Neuilli, Nantes, Orleans, Ludwigs XVI. tc., den Entwurf des Burgundischen Kanals und den der Wasserleitung von der Yvette und Bievre nach Paris, so wie mehrere einzelne Abhandlungenvon Jean-Rodolphe Perronet, aus franzözishen überzetzt von Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Dietlein (Halle, /Hemmerde und Schwetsche/ 1820)


Persius, Ludwig (1803–1845) German architect

Architektonische Entwürfe für den Umbau vorhandener Gebäude (Potsdam, 1849)

Architektonische Ausführungen (Berlin, 1860)


Person, Nicolaus (?–1710) German architect, engraver, military engineer.

Die fünff Säulen der Architectur: dem Hochwurd. u Wohlgelehrte Hernn. H. Johan Ludwig Cüntzern der Collegiatstiefftskirchen S. Jo[hann]is Dechandtn, des hohen Dhombstieffts Maintz Vicario, Kisten, Speicher u Fabric Meistern, etc. meinem hochgeehrtn hernn unterthänig dedicierte Niclas Person (Mainz, /N. Person/ ca. 1691)

Novum architecturae speculum (Mainz, /N. Person/ 1697)

Novi Architecturae Speculi Mechanica… (Mainz, 1702)


Perthuis de Laillevault, Léon de (1757–1818) French architect, military engineer.

Traité d'architecture rurale (Paris, /Déterville/ 1810)

1 Les principes généraux de cet art

2 Leur application aux différentes espèces d'établissement ruraux

3 Les détails de construction et la distribution intérieure de chacun des bâtiments dont ils doivent être composés

4 Divers travaux d'art ayant pour objets de faciliter les communications, d'assainir les terres en culture, de préserver les récoltes sur pied du maraudage des animaux, et d'augmenter et améliorer les produits des prairies naturelles


Peruzzi, Baldassare Tommaso (1481–1537) Italian architect, painter.

Trattato di architettura militare (ca. 1527, manuscript; Un trattato inedito di architettura militare riferibile a Baldassare Peruzzi; A. Parronchi, Firenze, /Gonelli/ 1982)


Petitot, Edmond-Alexandre (1727–1801) French architect.

Ragionamento sopra la prospettiva, per agevolarne l'uso a' professori (Parma, 1758)

Suite de Vases (1764)

Descrizione delle feste celebrate in Parma… l’anno 1769

Mascarade à la greque (1772)


Peyre, Marie-Joseph (1730–1785) French architect theoretist.

Oeuvres d’Architecture (1765)


Philandrier (Philander), Guillaume (1505–1565) French humanist.

Gvlielmi Philandri Castilionei. Castigationes, atq[ue] Annotationes pauculae in XII. libros Institutionum M. Fab. Quintiliani, specimen quoddam futurorum in eosdem commentariorum… (Lugdunum, /Gryphium/ 1535; Basilea, /Vvesthemerus/ 1536)

M. Vitruvii Pollionis De architectura libri decem, ad Augustum Caesarem accuratissime conscripti & locis quamplurimis hac editione emendati… adiunctis nunc primum Gulielmi Philandri Castillionii… Una cum Lib. II Sex. Iulii Frontini De aquaeductibus urbis Romae Nicolai Cusani Dialogo de staticis experimentis (Lugdunum, /Ioan. Tornaesivm [Jean de Tournes]/ 1550, 1552, 1586)

Gvlielmi Philandri Castilionii Galli Civis Ro. In Decem Libros M. Vitruuii Pollionis de architectura Annotationes. Ad Franciscvm Valesivm Regem Christianissimum; Cum Indicibus Graeco & Latino locupletissimis. (Roma, /Dossena/ 1544; Paris, /Fezandat/ 1545)

Gulielmi Philandri Castilionii Galli Civic Ro. in decem libros M. Vitruvij Pollionis De archetectura annotationes, cum indicibus Graeco & Latino locupletissimis (Paris, /Kerver/ 1545)

M. Vitruvii Pollionis… de architectura libri X… Adjunctis nunc primum Gulielmi Philandri… castigationibus atque annotationibus… (Strasbourg, /Georg Messerschmidt/ 1550)

M. Vitruvii Pollionis De architectura libri decem… accessserunt Gulielmi Philandri annotationes castigatiores & plus tertia parte locupletiores… (Lyon, 1552)

In M. Vitrvvivm De Architectura Annotationes Gvilielmi Philandri compluribus, iisque novis, & non minus utilibus quam necessariis figuris exornatae. (Venetis, /Stella/ 1557)

M. Vitruvii Pollionis de Architectura Libri decem… omnibus omnium editionibus longè emendatiores, collatis veteribus exemplis: accesserunt Gulielmi Philandri Annotationes castigatiores, & plus tertia parte locupletiores; adiecta est Epitome in omnes Georgii Agricola de mensuris & ponderibus libros eodem auctore; cum Graeco pariter & Latino indice locupletissimo… Vitruvius. (Lugdunum, 1586)

Architecture, ou Art de bien bâtir de Marc Vitruve Pollion mis de latin en françois par Iean Martin, secretaire de Monseigneur le cardinal de Lenoncourt. Au roy tres-chrestien Henry II. (Genéve, /Tournes/ 1618)


Piacenza, Giuseppe Battista (1735–1818) Italian architect.

Discussione di due questioni architettoniche tratte di Vitruvio (Milano, 1795)


Piacenza, Pietro Giovanni (18th c.–early 19th c.) Italian engineer?

Discussione ragionata di due quistioni architettoniche tratta dal libro terzo di Marco Vitruvio Pollione (Milano, /Pulini/ 1795)

Esame sui giardini antichi e moderni (Milano, /Bolzani/ 1805)


Piélago y Fernández de Castro, Celestino del (1792–1880) Spanish engineer.

Introducción al estudio de la arquitectura hidráulica. Para el uso de la Academia Especial de Ingenieros, por Don Celestino Del Piélago, Caballero de la Orden Militar de S. Hermenegildo, Académico de Mérito de la de Nobles Artes de S. Fernando, Coronel Efectivo de Infantería, Teniente Coronel Efectivo de Infantería, Teniente Coronel del Cuerpo de Ingenieros y Gefe del Detall de su Academia. Trata del movimiento, dirección y distribución de las aguas, y de su fuerza y resitencia. (Madrid, /Imp. Nacional/ 1841)


Piganiol de la Force, Jean-Aymar (1673–1753) French historian.

Nouvelle description des chasteaux et parcs de Versailles et de Marly. (Paris, /F. et P. Delaulne/ 1701; Paris, /Florentin Delaulne/ 1707, 1713; Paris 1736; Paris, /Hochereau/ 1764)


Pini, Ermenegildo (1739–1825) Italian architect.

Dell'architettura. Dialogi di Ermenegildo Pini C.R.B. (Milano, /Stamperia Marelliana/ 1770)


Pitrou, Robert (1684–1750) French architect, engineer.

Recueil de différents projets d'architecture de Charpente et autres Concernant la Construction des ponts. Redigés et mis en ordre par le S. Tardif. (Paris, /R. Pitrou/ 1756)


Plo y Camin, Antonio (18th c.) Spanish architect.

El Arquitecto Práctico, Civil, Militar, y Agrimensor, dividido en tres libros.

I. contiene la Delineacion, Transformacion, Medidas, particiones de Planos, y uso de la Pantómetria.

II. la práctica de hacer, y medir todo genero de Bovedas, y Edificios de Arquitectura

III. el uso de la Plancheta, y otros instrumentos simples, para medir por el ayre con facilidad, y exactitud, y nibelar regadios para fertilizar los Campos.

Compuesto por Don Antonio Plo y Camin (Madrid, /Pantaleón Aznar/ 1767; Madrid /Antonio Espinosa/ 1793))


Pocock, William Fuller (1779–1849) English architect.

Architectural Design for Rustic Cottages, Rural Dwellings, and Villas, with Appropriate Scenery (London, 1807)

Modern Finishings for Rooms (London, 1811)

Design for Churches and Chapels (London, 1819)


Poggi, Giuseppe (1811–1901) Italian architect, engineer.

Sui lavori per l'ingrandimento di Firenze (Firenze, 1882)

Per la facciata di S. Maria del Fiore (Firenze, /Barbèra/ 1884)

Ricordi della vita e documenti d'arte: per cura dei nipoti / Giuseppe Poggi. Con prefazione di Isidoro Del Lungo (Firenze, /Bemporad/ 1909)


Poleni, Giovanni (1683–1761) Italian architect, mathematician.

Memorie Istoriche della gran cupola del tempio Vaticano e de' danni di essa, e de' ristoramenti loro (Padova, 1748)

Cinque ordini d’architettura civile di Michele San Micheli (1735)

Exercitationes Vitruvianae 1(-3), hoc est: Ioannis Poleni Commentarius criticus de M. Vitruvii Pollionis architecti X librorum editionibus, nec non de eorundem editoribus atque de aliis, qui Vitruvium quocumque modo explicarunt aut illustrarunt… (Padova, /I. Manfrè/ 1739-1741)


Poncelet, Jean-Victor (1788–1867) French engineer, mathematician.

Traité des propriétés projectives (Paris, 1822)


Pope, Thomas (19th c.) English-American architect.

A Treatise on Bridge Architecture; in which the superior advantages of the flying pendent lever bridge are fully proved. With an historical account and description of different bridges erected in various parts of the world, from an early period, down to the present time (New York, /Pope/ 1811)


Portuondo y Barceló, Bernardo (18401920) Cuban military engineer, mathematician, politician.

Lecciones de Arquitectura, explicadas, por el profesor de la academia de ingenieros comandante del cuerpo D. Bernardo Portuondo y Barceló, Coronel graduado, Teniente Coronel de Ejército. Madrid, /Imprenta del memorial de ingenieros/ 1877)


Possevino, Antonio S. J. (1533/34?–1611) Italian jesuit, theologian, diplomat.

Antonii Possevini Tractatio de poesi & pictura ethica, humana, & fabulosa collata cum vera honesta, & sacra. Adiectus est in hac editione nou (Lugduni, 1595)

De Architectura… (Venetia, 1603)


Post, Pieter (1608–1669) Dutch architect.

Ouvrages d'architecture, dans les quels on voit les reprbesentations de plusieurs bedifices considberables en plans & belbevations, avec leurs descrip (Leyden, 1715)


Pozzo, Andrea S.J. (1642–1709) Italian architect, painter, jesuit.

Perspectiva pictorum et architectorum… (Roma, /Gio. Giacomo Komarek Boemo/ 1693-1700; Roma, /Salomon/ 1758? 1764)

Rules and examples of perspective proper for painters and architects, etc. in English and Latin: containing a most easie and expeditious Method to delineate in perspective all designs relating to architecture, after a new manner, wholly free from the confusion of occult lines /‡cby that great master thereof, Andrea Pozzo, Soc. Jef. engraven in 105 ample folio plates, and adorn'd with 200 initial letters to the explanatory discourses ; printed from copper-plates ony best paper by John Sturt ; done into English from the original printed at Rome 1693 in Lat. and Ital. by Mr John James of Greenwich. (London, /J. Senex and R. Gosling/ 1693; /Benj. Motte/ 1707)

Perspectivæ Pictorum atque Architectorum I. Pars. Quâ facillima ac espeditissima Methodus omne id quod ad Architecturam attinet, optica ratione delineadndi exhibetur, Inventa, designata & primum edita Romæ a Fr. Andra Puteo S.J. ; nunc verò in gratiam & usum non admodùm nummatorum studiosorum hujus artis imminuto modulo contracta, atq́[ue] commodior hâc formâ concinnata. Der Mahler und Baumeister Perspectiv, Erster Theil, Worinnen gezeiget wird, wie man auf das allergeschwindest- und leichteste alles, was zur Architectur und Bau-Kunst gehöret, ins Perspectiv bringen solle. Inventiert, gezeinchnet und erstlich heraus gegeben in Rom von dem vortreflichen Andrea Pozzo, der Soc. JEsu Fratre. Anjeko aber dem ohnvermögenden Kunst-Liebhaber zu Nutz und Dienst verkleinert und in diesen bequemen Format gebracht. (Augusta Vindelicorum, /Joannis Frider. Probst, / haered. Jeremiæ Wolffii/ - Augsburg, /Johann Friedrich Probst, Wolffs seel. Erben/ 1709; Augsburg, …concinnata à Joanne Boxbarth, chalcopgrapho. …in diesen bequemen Format gebracht von Johann Boxbarth, Kupsserstechern. /Wolff/ 1719)

Qua porro expeditissima methodus omnia, quae ad architecturam pertinent, optica ratione delineandi exhibetur = Worinn die allerleichteste Manier, wie man, was zur Bau-Kunst gehörig, ins Perspectiv bringen solle, berichtet wird… nventa, designata et primum edita Romae a Andrea Puteo, nunc in usum studiosorum huius artis imminuto modulo contracta atque commodior hac forma concinnata… (Augusta Vindelicorum, /Joannis Frider. Probst, / haered. Jeremiæ Wolffii/ - Augsburg, /Johann Friedrich Probst, Wolffs seel. Erben/ 1749)


Poyet, Bernard (1742–1824) French architect.

De la nécessité de transférer et de reconstruire l’Hôtel. Dieu avec un projet de translation de cet hôpital (París, 1785)

Projet proposé par le sieur Poyet, architecte du roi et de la ville de Paris: pour employer quarante mille personnes, tant artistes qu'ouvriers, à la construction d'une place dédiée à la nation; avec l'exposition des moyens de fournir à la dépense de ce monument civique (Paris, /Desenne/ 1790)

Projets de places et édifices à ériger pour la gloire et l'utilité de la République (Paris, 1800)


Preissler, (Preisler, Preißler) Johann Justin (1698–1771) German painter, drawer.

Ornamenti d'architettura: architectonische Verzierungen aus verschiedenen führnehmen Gebaeuden in und ausser Rom zusammengetragen und den Studierenden der Architektur auch andern Liebhabern mitgetheilet… (Nürnberg /Georg Martin Preisler/ 1734)


Preti, Francesco Maria (1701–1774)

Elementi di architettura del signor Francesco Maria Preti (Venezia, /Giovanni Gatti/ 1780)


Price, Francis (?–1753) English architect.

A treatise on carpentry, In which are contain'd the most concise and authentick rules of that art, in a more exact method than has yet been made publick. (London, /W. Meadows; T. Astley; and T. Worrall/ 1733)

The British Carpenter: or, a Treatise on Carpentry. Containing the most concise and authentick Rules of that Art, in a more Useful and Extensive Method, than has been made Publick. The Third Edition enlarged, and illustrated with sixty-two Copper-Plates. By Francis Price, late Surveyor to the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, and author of a series of observations on that admirable structure. (London, /A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch; and T. Astley/ 1735; London, /Hitch and L. Hawes, and R. Baldwin/ 1753, 1759, 1765; Dublin, /J. Williams/ 1768)

A Supplement To The British Carpenter containing Palladio's Orders Of Architecture, With The Ornaments of Doors and Windows; proportioned and adjusted by divisions on scales; together with the accurate curves and their mouldings, and their application to use… (London, /F. Price/ 1753)

A series of particular and useful observations, made with great diligence and care, upon that admirable structure, the cathedral-church of Salisbury. Calculated for the use and amusement of gentlemen… by all which they will be enabled to form a right judgment upon this, or any ancient structure, either in the Gothick or other stiles of building. (London, /R. Baldwin/ 1753)

A description of that admirable structure, the cathedral church of Salisbury (London, /R. Baldwin/ 1774)

A short description of that admirable structure, the Cathedral Church of Salisbury. (Salisbury, /R. Wilks/ 1790)


Price, Sir Uvedale (1747–1829) English dilettante, writer.

Essay on the Picturesque (London, 1810, 1818)


Primatt, Stephen (16271662) English lawyer.

The City & Covntry Purchaser & Builder (London, /T. Rookes and I. Wright/1667, 1680)


Prony, Gaspard Clair François Marie Riche de (1755–1839) French mathematician, engineer.

Nouvelle Architecture Hydraulique, Contenant l'art d'élever l'eau au moyen de différentes machines, de construire dans ce fluide, de le diriger, et généralement de l'appliquer, de diverses manieres, aux besoins de la société. 1. Teil: Contenant un traité de mécanique a l'usage de ceux qui se destinent aux construction de tous genres, et des Artistes en géneral. 2 Teile. 2. Teil: Contenant la Description Détaillé des Machines a Feu (Paris, /Didot/ 1790, 1796)

Recherches sur la Poussée des Terres et sur la forme et les dimensions a donner aux Murs de Revement. Suivies d'une méthode pratique, a la portée des Ouvriers qui ont quelque habitude de se servir de la regle et du compas, pour résoudre tres-facilement les principaux Problemes relatifs a la forme et aux dimensions des Murs de revetement (Paris, 1802)


Prosperi, Felix (1689–1755) Spanish officer, military engineer.

La gran defensa. Nuevo Methodo de Fortificacion, Dividido en tres Ordenes, A saber, doble, reforzado, y sencillo. Con varias Invenciones, e Ideas utiles, y curiosas, Con setenta, y tres laminas. Tomot I. Su Autor El Teniente Coronel Don Felix Prosperi, Ingeniero de los Exercitos de su Magestad. Quien lo Dedica a la S. R. C. Magestad Del Rey Nuestro Señor el Sr. D. Phelippe V. Monarca de las Españas. (Mexico /D. Joseph Bernardo de Hogal/ 1744)


Pugin, Augustus Charles (1768–1832) English architect, writer.

Specimens of gothic architecture: Selected from various edifices in England; Consisting of plans, elevations, sections, and parts at large; Calculated to exemplify the various styles, and the practical construction of this class of admired architecture; Accompanied by historical and descriptive accounts… the subjects sel., measured, and drawn by A. Pugin (London, /Taylor/ 1820-1821)

The Royal Pavilion at Brighton (1826)

Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain (1826)

Specimens of the Architectural Antiquities of Normandy (1827)

Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London (London, 1825-1828)

Paris and its Environs (1829-1831)

Pugin's Gothic Ornaments Selected From various Buildings in England and France drawn on Stone by J.D. Harding (1831)

Pugin's Ornamental Gables Selected From ancient Examples in England (London, /J. Taylor…/ 1831)

Examples of Gothic architecture selected from various antient edifices in England consisting of plans, elevations, sections, and parts at large… (London, 1836-1838)


Pugin, Augustis Welby Northmore (1812–1852) English architect, theoretist, son of Augustus Pugin →.

Gothic Furnituire is the Style of the 15h Century (1835)

Details of antient timber houses of the 15th and 16th centuries, selected from those existing at Rouen, Caen, Beauvais, Gisors, Abbeville, Strasbourg etc, drawn on the spot and etched (London, /Ackermann/ 1836)

Contrasts or a parallel between the noble edifices of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and similar buildings of the present (London, /Moyes/ 1836)

The True Principles of Pointed or Goithic Architecture (1841)

The True Principles Of Pointed or Christian Architecture: Set Forth In Two Lectures Delivered At St. Marie's, Oscott… (London, /John Weale/ 1841; Edinburgh, /Grant/ 1895)

The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture in England (London, /Charles Dolman/ 1843)

An Apology For The Revival of Christian Architecture In England (London, /John Weale/ 1843)

Glossary Of Ecclesiastical Ornament And Costume, Compiled and Illustrated from Antient Authorities and Examples… (London, /Henry G. Bohn/ 1844)

Some Remarks On The Articles Which Have Recently Appeared In The "Rambler," Relative To Ecclesiastical Architecture And Decoration (London, /Charles Dolman/ 1850)

A treatise on chancel screens and rood lofts, their antiquity, use, and symbolic signification (London, /Dolman/ 1851)

A Treatise On Chancel Screens And Rood Lofts, Their Antiquity, Use, and Symbolic Signification (London, /Charles Dolman/ 1851)

Photographs from Sketches by Augustus Welby N Pugin (London, /S. Ayling/ 1865)

Glossary of ecclesiastical ornament and costume (London, 1868)


Quaglio, Johann Maria von (Giovanni Maria de) (1772–1813) Italian-Swiss scenist.

Praktische Anleitung zur Perspektiv mit Anwendung auf die Baukunst. (München, /Lithographische Kunst-Anstalt/ 1811, 1823)


Quarenghi, Giacomo (1744– 1817) Italian architect, from 1799 in Russia.

Théátre de l’Ermitage de sa Majesté l’Impératrice de toutes les Rousses (1787)

Le nouveau bâtiment de la Banque Impériale de Saint-Petersbourg (1791)

Édifices construits á St-Petersbourg d’après les plans du chevalier de Quarenghi… (1810)